Jessica, Anders & Karl

Our history

Alstra's story started in March 2000 when the company was founded under the name Survey Generator.

The company grew rapidly, from developing survey tools and services - to becoming a provider of integrated solutions with consulting services in project management.

We changed the company's name to Alstra in 2002 - but Survey Generator lives on as the brand name of the survey tool.

Our team

Alstra consists of a compact but energetic team with around 9 employees who are passionate about helping anyone from large organizations such as the Public Health Agency, Demoskop, the National Board of Health and Welfare, SKR, Saco and Unionen to smaller players such as MarketDirection and Drive Management.

In our team, we all help each other, and each person plays a vital role in getting things done. Our strength lies in our ability to work as a team where everyone contributes, whether by sharing expertise or offering a helping hand when needed.

Hans & Emil
The team

Our culture

We believe a positive work environment and a good balance between work and leisure produce better results. We also strive to create a workplace where everyone thrives and feels valued.

With us, you will find an open-minded atmosphere. We encourage an environment where all employees can share their thoughts and ideas, which leads to stronger collaboration and better solutions. Openness and honesty are fundamental in how we communicate internally and with our customers.

Our culture is simple and genuine. By taking care of our team, we can continue to grow and succeed together.